Peggy Nolan

June 2005

Peggy Nolan is a woman with keen sense of adventure, a passionate love of life, and endless energy. She discovered photography fairly late and then by accident, but has been inseparable from her cameras ever since. Seeing photographs all around her, she photographs her seven children and any aspect of her colorful life. Since coming to Light Work, Peggy has been photographing, printing, learning new digital processes, baking cookies, and sharing in the lives of the people all around her. This is a homecoming of sorts for Peggy, who attended Syracuse University in the 1960s.

Peggy lives in Hollywood, Florida. Recent exhibition venues include the Museum of Modern Art (“Picturing Modernity”), Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, and more. Her work can be found in the collections of SF MOMA, Norton Museum of Art and Martin Z. Margulies in Florida.