Karen Garrett de Luna

April 2009

Karen Garrett de Luna will spend her time at Light Work preparing images for an upcoming exhibition of her ongoing series Articles of Faith. In this body of work, de Luna presents dual portraits of believers with the talismans and amulets that they normally wear hidden from view. These objects, worn close to the heart, represent a tangible connection to an intangible but powerful force of faith. Diaristic notations under the two-part images unify the portraits while deepening the viewer’s understanding of the subjects’ belief systems. Most often, these notations speak to the desire to remain protected and positive in life, rather than to specific religions. In focusing on these talismans as symbols of hope, de Luna creates a visible catalog of an invisible spiritual phenomenon. The exhibition will be held June 2009 in New York City in conjunction with En Foco.

Karen Garrett de Luna holds BAs in Dance and Mathematics from the University of Washington. Her work has been exhibited in multiple shows including A3, a group exhibition at Time-Life curated by Rebecca Karamehmedovic, and Los Muertos Pequeños at Broadway Market Gallery. She won En Foco’s New Works Award #12 in 2008.