Aida Silvestri

March 2021

Aida Silvestri is a UK-based artist whose work concerns issues of culture, ethnicity, identity, health, politics, and the urban landscape. She explores new and unique approaches to documentary photography to raise awareness, give a platform to those often not heard, and to promote acceptance within communities. Silvestri has shown work at Autograph ABP (London), Mall Gallery, Photographers’ Gallery, Roman Road Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, and abroad in France, Greece, Luxembourg, Reunion Island, and Taiwan. In 2013, The British Journal of Photography named her one of two Best of Show Winners at the Free Range exhibition (London). In 2017, she won the Festival Audience Award Circulation(s) and also was shortlisted for the Arendt European Month of Photography awards. Her residency is jointly supported by Autograph ABP.